Seattle anyone?

So I’m going to be in Seattle next month and I’m definitely going to have a lot of free time. Does anyone have any suggestions on things to do or see? Let me know!

((pls message me))

((I would even be down for meeting people if anyone is interested)) 

I’m sorry

for being so MIA. I’ve just finished my first month in college and not gonna lie, it’s been kind of tough. Things haven’t been going as well as I’d hoped but I’m powering through. I’m determined to start posting more. Thank you for your support lovelies xx

i miss you.

Timestamp: 1413874443

i miss you.


"love me"

You are so fucking pretty

you are so fucking nice, xx

"love me"



You swear you’re an
But the first time
I kissed your neck
I heard you utter the words
Oh my God
Ever so slightly
As if you were trying to conceal
Your newfound beliefs

To everyone in Hawaii…

Stay safe! If at all possible try to stay in tomorrow.