You swear you’re an
But the first time
I kissed your neck
I heard you utter the words
Oh my God
Ever so slightly
As if you were trying to conceal
Your newfound beliefs

To everyone in Hawaii…

Stay safe! If at all possible try to stay in tomorrow.

hi omg you're a v good writing and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.💕 (you're also gorgeous okay)

ohmygosh you’re so sweet, thank you so much, lovely! xx

(also, you’re absolutely stunning okay)


Trying out a new style… what do you think?

Timestamp: 1407397889


Trying out a new style… what do you think?

Trying out a new style… what do you think?

Timestamp: 1407309840

Trying out a new style… what do you think?

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8. Tbh, I wouldn’t know. I’m sure it’s not pleasant but not having the experience of being around wasted people makes it difficult to answer this question. I’m gonna go with sorta.

9. Answered previously!

11. 2 people.

16. Yes, I hope so. I think college will bring new experiences and those will change me (hopefully for the better of course).

27. No… I don’t think so. They don’t have to be outright hilarious and stuff (though funny guys are charming), but I do want to be able to laugh and have a good time with them.

30. Yes I believe so… Humans make mistakes.

37. Yes, absolutely. I haven’t experienced it but I believe in it.


ayy more questions!

6. I’m super excited to leave for college! California here I come :)

9. I wouldn’t use the word cute… I think it’s very attractive as long as it’s not in excess. Nothing ruins a person more than having too much confidence.

51. Probably senior portraits? Tbh, I hate being in front of the camera, I can be shy.

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ayyy i didn’t know if anyone would actually message me! love youuu.

17. To be honest, at this point in my life I’m not sure. Probably either my best friend or my another one of my friends… (it’s complicated).

32. I don’t have feelings for anyone at the moment… Maybe once I get to college.

45. Absolutely.

67. Hmmm… neither? I’m not much of a snacker… I’d go to sunflower seeds though cause the fun flavors.

84. Yes but not for very long… #weakasslungs